Polish Vermin R&D

  • 2017 – ongoing
  • Bristol Ferment at the Arnolfini, Newlyn Gallery & Exchange
  • Photography: Steve Tanner & Jack Offord

What is our position in the face of abuse and division? Can we change anything? Can I? Neutrality is not an answer and the confusion seems overwhelming. Do I still belong here?

Polish Vermin explores our attitudes to the Brexit vote and what comes next for us all. It’s a piece being developed in Cornwall, a county that voted leave and Bristol, a city that voted remain.

Instigated and devised by three Polish artists who have made the UK their home, R&D sharings of Polish Vermin were presented in July 2017 at Bristol Ferment at the Arnolfini and the Newlyn Gallery & Exchange.

Director: Agnieszka Blonska

Performer: Patrycja Kujawska

Written by: Agnieszka Blonska & Patrycja Kujawska

Visuals: Michal Iwanowski

Sound: Benji Bower

Additional Sound Support: Jack Drewry

Producer: Helen Edwards

Photos by: Steve Tanner & Jack Offord

Polish Vermin is being developed with support from FEAST with Arts Council England and Cornwall County Council, Arts Council England, Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Arnolfini Gallery, Newlyn Art Gallery and Kneehigh.