Praskie Sci-Fi (Praga’s Sci-Fi)

  • 2016
  • Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw, Poland
  • Photography: Katarzyna Laskowiecka

Not so long ago in a galaxy not so far, far away… On the planet of markets, shrines, metro, stadiums and theatre…

It is a time of change. A time of chaos. A time of courageous visions laced with powerless questions. Regeneration proceeds, the facades of the old town houses begin to look fresh, and Mr Jozek is moving out.

Before Praga transports itself into the future – before the Great Reanimation/Reactivation/Revision/Retouch takes place – there is still time to ask about the costs necessary for us to bear in the name of a “better tomorrow”. Presence is unsure. Past is discredited. The future is a source of fear, anything can happen. Meanwhile today one of the Praga’s newsagent is already saying: “Praga is one huge science-fiction”.

Who needs a home in a place like Praga? Full of doubts, searching for an answer to a question: what to do? (and shall we do it at all?) The artists of Theatre Powszechny contemplate Praga’s destiny. The possible scenarios for revitalisation and their own participation in gentrification.

This performance is based on conversations with Praga’s residents and actors of Theatre Powszechny; involving elements of science-fiction and wishful thinking.

Yeah, sure. It’s best to build a Museum-Crematorium and a Theatre- Aquarium. And let the hipsters cycle around the theatre with flowerpots. Aliens from the left bank are organising dissent. They give paintbrushes to children and anvils to craftsmen. How noble.

Directed by: Agnieszka Blonska

Dramaturgy: Joanna Wichowska

Lighting design and projections: Artur Sienicki

Assistant director: Tomasz Żebrowski

Stage Manager: Kuba Olszak

Performed by:

Rozalia Mierzicka

Grzegorz Artman

Michal Jarmicki

Kazimierz Wysota

Photos: Katarzyna Laskowiecka