At The End Of The Line

  • 2015
  • The Exchange Gallery, Penzance and Giving Voice Festival, CPR and AMATA Falmouth University
  • Photography: Steve Tanner

Close your eyes

Caress your mind

And travel to a place beyond your frozen eyelids

A show about home and belonging; taking a questioning and brutally honest look at the places where we live and the reasons that we live there. 35 people in a singing dialogue with dancer Emily Dobson, weave a story of the joys and hardships people face and the natural world they inhabit, “at the end of the line” in the far west of Cornwall.

Created in collaboration with The 50 Degrees Choir, musical director/composer Vicky Abbott and dancer Emily Dobson, this project has seen members of the choir and Vicky Abbott creating original songs for the first time since the choir’s inception, in an artistic exploration combining dance, music and words.

I was sent somewhere else, time flew.

Absolutely stunning from start to finish, loved every moment! So moving!

Succinct encapsulation of the concept of living here in Penzance. Excellent work.

Audience feedback from the shows sellout premiere

Directed by: Agnieszka Blonska

Performed by: Emily Dobson and The 50 Degrees Choir

Musical Director: Vicky Abbott

Projections by: John Freddy Jones

Producers: Maria McEwen & Rachel Martin

Photos by: Steve Tanner

With support of Pop Up Penzance, Feast Cornwall and The Exchange Gallery.