Help! I Think I’m a Nationalist!

  • 2022 – ongoing
  • Cornwall, UK tour
  • Photography: Steve Tanner

Who am I?
Do I belong?
Who do I belong to?
And who should I vote for?

Cornwall is at a tipping point. House prices soar, the population shifts, tensions rise. Between facebook spats, country lane stand-offs and rants down the pub, nobody’s really talking, and fewer are listening.

Seamas is confused.
He is desperately trying to understand.

He’s watched a wave of gentrification sweep through his rural hometown. There’s nowhere to live, yet second homes stand empty. He wishes Cornwall was more welcoming and inclusive, yet watches “up country” money sow division and suspicion.

Could closing borders and nationalism be the answer?
Where’s the line between pride and power?
What happens when it all goes too far?

Seamas needs help. He needs your help.

Text and performance – Seamas Carey
Director – Agnieszka Blonska
Producers – imPOSSIBLE Producing, Charlie Bunker
Set design – Rebecca McDonald
Lighting – Imogen Senter, Joshua Pharo
Photography – Steve Tanner
Graphics – Phyllida Bluemel
Tech and stage management – Louis King
Trailer – Neal Megaw
Teaser – Steve Tanner

A one man comedy show about identity, second homes, nationalism, xenophobia and bagpipes.

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