• 2020 – ongoing
  • Truro
  • Photography: Alison Taylor

KERPOW (Kernow Power of Women) are a collective of female artists and producers working across dance and theatre in Cornwall, UK founded and led by:

Aga Blonska,

Kyla Goodey,

Emily Alden,

Rebecca Mordan,

Helen Tiplady,

Charlie Bunker.

More info:

KERPOW’s Manifesto:

We want to celebrate women’s stories and creativity.
We want to use our art to raise consciousness and inspire to act.
We want women’s work to be visible and validates.
We want to shout out loud locally and globally.
We want to understand the needs of women in our community.
We want to create a platform to explore the issues of sex, gender and politics.
We want to create a community of women that learn, listen and debate.
We want to connect and support existing women’s organisations.
We want to unite and empower.
We want to dance in our revolution.

And we want to laugh… a lot!