Once Upon A Time

  • 2014 – ongoing
  • Theatre Bristol, Circomedia and UK tour
  • Photography: Steve Tanner

It is becoming what remains, a shell –(…) his or her body – but becoming in the same breath of thought the most extreme human authenticity, since in the end it is what is finally right

Jean Amery
On Aging, Revolt and Resignation

A show about ageing and the passing of time, told through the bodies of two dancers and one trapeze artist, all aged over 65. Their bodies, essential in their artistic expression, marked with memories and the present, explore the limitations of their older self, asking universal questions about aging and mortality.

Drawing from Jean Amery’s book “On Aging: Revolt and Resignation”, this poetic theatre piece challenges preconceptions of aging and time passing, and focuses on a performers’ personal experiences.

Provocation and meditation on the ageing process through a trio of fascinating perspectives.

(****) Lorna Irvine, Arts:Blog

Directed by: Agnieszka Blonska

Movement Director: Dan Canham

Projections by: Mark Parry

Composer: Jules Bushell

Assistant Director: Olga Kaleta

Lighting Design: Joe Mapson

Producers: Katie Keeler, Luke Emery

Tour Producer: Helen Edwards

Production Manager: Greg Mickelborough

Performed by:

Caroline Lamb

Alexandra Pickford

Mike Wright

Photos by: Steve Tanner

Produced by Theatre Bristol in collaboration with Circomedia and Polish Cultural Institute in London.

Funded by Arts Council England.